Monday, September 04, 2006

Thank an Armed forces member

The other night I went to pick up dinner for hubby and I. Mmmmm Sharkeys. So I ordered and went to get salsa. I noticed a clean cut, in shape guy with super short hair. His shirt read on front: Got Freedom? and on back: Thank a Marine. So my little pea brain put 2 & 2 together and came up with: Hey this guy MUST be a Marine. He, his wife and 2 kids were at a table close to the door. So I went up (they weren't eating yet or I wouldn't have) and said: Are you a Marine? he said Yes I am. I said thank you. His wife said thanks for saying that. I said love the shirt and walked away. I suppose I should've told him how much I appreciate all of our armed forces, or something besides thanks. I wish I had said I REALLY appreciate all your sacrifices to protect our country, both to him and his wife. But I just said thanks and love the shirt and walked away. I hope he got all my well wishes in those few words...


Kathi said...

I said a 'thank you' once, to a fellow ahead of me in line at the Dollar Store who had a Marine T-shirt on (after I asked if he was in the Marines) LOL, I think I scared him!!He thanked me kindly, but I notice he edged away from me:)
Should have been wearing my Soldiers Angels T-shirt, I guess!

phebee rains said...

I have a son age 19 that just gradauted from AIT. He joined the army after soul searching the idea for a year. We have a strong military back ground with both of my son's grandpa's serving in vietnam. They got wounded but Thank God they came home. My son lived a sheltered life. He was home schooled, passed his Ged on first attempt. Then enlisted. I didn not discourage him. As hard as it is being a mother of a soldier or any parent, I have supported his decision and encouraged him all the way. I can hoestly say I am proud that my son chose to support our wonderful country and to be willing to fight for our freedom. I am a psychiatriac Registered Nurse and mental helth is growing with the economy and the war. I thank God everyday for being so very blessed. Words cant express the emotions. I want to thank Toby Keith for supporting our nation and our troops and for taking a stand for what you believe in. I appreciate what you have done for these men and women. As family we feel like we are sacraficing our loved one when in reality, they are sacraficing their lives for our freedom. I pray for our troops everyday and I Pray for their families. I have my son home at this time for Christmas and I am cherrishing and making every moment count that I can spend with him. God Bless Americia and Lets continue to support our colors, Red, White, and Blue. Thank you Lord for the many blessings you have sent our way. We give You all of the Glory, In Jesus Name, Amen
pheb's...Jonesboro, Arkansas