Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rolling Victory Fast time again

YAY! It's my time to fast in honor of our soldiers. I completely believe in our presidents choices to be where we are today. I also believe in our Armed Forces. I know that they will get the job done right. I do question the media's choices of selective reporting though. There really are some great stories coming out of Iraq. You just usually have to look for them. They are not on the front pages or on CNN. Usually they are on a soldiers blog.

So any way today my fast is dedicated to: Specialist Casey Sheehan. If you haven't already read his story I suggest you do so. It's really an awesome story. It shows how dedicated SPC Sheehan was to what he was doing.There is an awesome story about him here. Thank-you Black Five for sharing SPC Sheehan's story with us.

I truly believe I am so blessed to have been born in this country. When I think about what a great life I have I also think about those who are away from their family and friends keeping my life safe and as I know it. And because I'm me, I can't help but make one small smarty pants comment :) Thanks MG and Cav Tanker and all the others for staying those dozen or so steps between me and that burka over there.

Remember if you see a member of our armed forces please remember to tell them thank-you.


Mary*Ann said...

Only 45 minutes to go..good job Gail

Constitution Shield said...
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