Saturday, September 09, 2006

How to explain??

I was recently talking with a friend and she asked me: Why do you think (pausing, I believe she was thinking how to ask delicately) you uh, (one more pause) uh involved in doing all you do for our Armed Forces. (READ: why the heck are you soooo freaking obsessed with soldiers) Hmmm tough question. I know every other word out of my mouth is soldier (I'm meaning that generically for armed forces. Is there one word to describe soldiers, marines, airmen, coasties etc??) So here is an exaggerated conversation with me. Her: So did you hear about blah blah blah. me: Oh not really but let me tell you this about my soldier. Soldier, soldier soldier soldier soldier. Her: oh ok well what are you going to do this weekend. Me: Soldier blah blah soldier soldier soldier. OK it really is an exaggeration. I'm not quite that bad.
So my answer. I FEEL GUILTY for one reason. My Heroes are deployed ALL over the world keeping our country safe. Everytime I walk down to the kitchen to get some ice cream or cookies and milk or even just a drink of water. I feel guilty. I know that soldier doesn't have those option. He/she can't walk into the other room and kiss his wife. Or walk into the baby's room and watch them sleeping. Things I take for granted daily.

And the second reason. I don't know how to explain it. There is just something about angel-ing that is indescribable. That feeling when you pack your flat rate box with so many goodies. That feeling of getting a signed picture of a sports star he mentioned and sending it and other birthday goodies off to him. That feeling when you open your mailbox. And WHHHHHOOOOOO HHHOOOOOO there's FREE MAIL. I really can't explain why I do all this. How do you explain being a Soldiers Angel? No word I can think of on how it feels to be an Angel, to do things for your guys. If you want the most incredible feeling in the world go to Soldiers Angels. Adopt a soldier. But be warned ALL of your conversations will sound like this: Soldier soldier, deployed, soldier, care package for my soldiers, sometimes followed by the words NOOOOOOO don't touch, it's for the soldiers. lolololololol


Mary*Ann said...

All of them on Thurs. did you...blah, blah AMERICAN IDOL..

Me: No, I was reading milblogs, listening to Hugh Hewitt and getting a care package ready to go.

Them: Oh.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mother:

You have terrible grammar.


Gail A. said...

Really now? Do I really have bad grammar or just bad children?