Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hang with Toby

This is for Linda. A contest to hang with Toby. I don't care about the new Ford truck, but I sure would like to go see one of his videos made. If I win Linda, you can go with me. I'm sure I'll be hit by lightning before I win, but a girl can dream.

What's with Toby's new movie??? It's not showing anywhere near me....grrrrr I don't want to wait until it comes out on video. I wanna see it NOW.

I still haven't heard from Toby yet regarding going on his next trip to Iraq :(


Linda said...

I could really use a new truck. Mine is getting up there. To hang with Toby. That would be so cool. The only thing that could top that is to be with Toby and our soldiers. It would be the best to be able to sit in an audience of soldiers at a Toby concert. I watch his video the Angry American all the time. Always get chills.
Well I entered also to double our chances. If I win, you go with me.
Have a great day,

Laura said...

Take me instead of this Linda person.

Gail A. said...

Nope sorry it's not Carry so you can't go :p But if I win and you take your learners permit lessons, I might let you drive my new truck if I win it.