Thursday, August 10, 2006

My visit to the recruiters :)

I went to the recruiters today :) Naw I didn't join up I'm too old and fat. I stopped in and said thanks for serving our country. If you haven't done that you should. I think recruiters catch a lot of cr@p from a lot of those moonbat type people.

And here is me with the recruiters. YAY!! I was sooo thrilled to stand next to them. They are so much more of a celebrity in my eyes than anyone who is on TV or the movies. Thanks again guys :) You really made my day.

I have been in a few times saying thanks. I'll never forget the first time I went in with a thank you card and some goodies. I handed the Sargeant a bag with some See's candy. He said "Uh this isn't a bomb or anything is it?" Kind of funny but also sad. I told him no that I was just saying thanks and that I try to support our troops in more ways than just a yellow magnet. I don't think that Sgt is there anymore. There were two guys I hadn't met before. But I hope to see them again soon. So again go into your local recruiters office. Tell them thank you. Take them cookies and goodies. And next time you see a member of our Armed Forces tell them thank you.

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