Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Darn Media

OK call me crazy but....here courtesy of Yahoo news there is this: "WASHINGTON - Undercover investigators entered the United States using fake documents repeatedly this year — including some cases in which Homeland Security Department agents didn't ask for identification.

At nine border crossings on the Mexico and Canadian borders, agents "never questioned the authenticity of the counterfeit documents," according to Government Accountability Office testimony to be released Wednesday.

"This vulnerability potentially allows terrorists or others involved in criminal activity to pass freely into the United States from Canada or Mexico with little or no chance of being detected," concluded the GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, in testimony obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press."

Now I am all about freedom of the (biased) press and all but wow. Why doesn't the (biased) media just draw a big map put a couple big red X's and say: here...right here is where we are most vulnerable. Now I know, my husband points it out every time I get outraged at the (biased) media putting something like this out there, that they probably already know where our weak spots are. BUT in case they don't let's just throw this tidbit out there. What's next showing terrorists exact location of our troops so they don't have to look for them?

Am I wrong about this????


Anonymous said...

ok crazy lady. come on over here to texas. crawford, tx. the next two weeks we need to stand together and hopefully run cindy off for good. meet at the yellow rose, downtown. look for "mom" guidon. we support the troops.

Gail A. said...

I like the tmff.com site. I'll explore later and add it to my links list.

As far as being there with you I wish I could. But I have really sensitive eyes. I think they'd pop looking at all that Cindy ugliness. So sorry. (Not really, I just live on the west coast of California. I have limited funds.) My thoughts will be with you though as you wage this battle. I certainly wouldn't want that woman around in my community. Good luck with your stand! Take care

Laura said...

My mommy is a dork <3

Gail A. said...

wow isn't that a coincedence I have a daughter named Laura. HEY wait a minute....