Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rolling Victory Fast

YAY! I am honored today to join in with the Tanker Brother's Rolling Victory Fast. What? Don't know what it is? Go here to read all about it. Then send Tracy an email, email addie is on the above Tanker Brothers post, to join us in supporting my favorite Tanker Brothers :)

I'm fasting today as an angel. I'm fasting for my newest soldier, PFC Steven. I haven't heard from him yet, but from the rank I'm assuming he's a young one. So for ALL of the young guys spending their first Christmas far from home this fast is for you. Stay safe and come home soon. Merry Christmas :)

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Mary*Ann said...

Good Fasting Gail, hope you hear from your Soldier. Not that it makes a difference if we hear from them or not...but it does make it easier to decide what to send when you hear from them.