Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who I am

I grew up in the 60's in Southern California. I AM NOT A LIBERAL. haha. Just because I live in a state of liberals doesn't mean I am one. I support President Bush. I understand why we are and have to stay in Iraq. I support our troops. I even had a magnet on my car saying that, but someone stole it. Can you believe that?? I thought it was probably some kids, but my hubby thought it was one of those moonbat types. Oh well. My first soldier from Soldiers Angels came home last month YAY!! I have one soldier still in Kuwait. He'll be there until October or November.

My Father taught me many things before I lost him when I was 11. I was taught to respect our flag and country. I was taught if it's not yours you don't touch it. I was taught it's worse to lie about something than it is to do it. My father was a WW2 vet. He got tears in his eyes everytime he heard the Star Spangled Banner and saw a flag ceremony. Me too. I'm proud I take after him that way. One of my brothers served in the USAF for 27 years. He recently retired. He was EOD. He was in Oman in the first gulf war. My brother in law was a Green Beret in Viet Nam. He still has nightmares. He will still occasionally dive for the ground when a car back fires. My nephew just came home from his year in Afghanistan. Welcome home Kenny have a great vacation!!

Things I love are my soldiers, all of our Armed Forces really. They make me feel so proud of our country. We have the greatest nation on this earth. The absolute best guys and girls defending it. (Thanks to all of you) anyway back to things I love. I love music, Disneyland, the ocean and the mountains. Maui was amazing. Italy was also amazing. Things I don't like....Moon bats, being ill all the time. PLEASE don't say blood and oil in the same sentence to me. I look at it this way. First of all this war has cost soooo much more than just buying the oil. Do you realize how much oil we could've bought with the billions spent over there?? Secondly, most of the men I know who are/were in the U.S. military have the highest integrity of most anyone I know. To suggest that my brother, my nephew any anyone else fighting over there is fighting a blood for oil war is to suggest that they are just hired killers. Mercenaries. BULLSH!T. Anyone who believes that should see some of the videos I've seen. The humanitarian missions some of the guys do. They should see the pictures of the Iraqi children getting their first pair of shoes. Anyway that's why I am so proud of our Troops. Why I will adopt another soldier when my SPC finally comes home.


Anonymous said...
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Gail A. said...

I think nobody wants our heroes coming home in boxes. But, Brian, understand that we can't just pull out our troops right now. The Iraqi people are being trained to eventually take there country back and live in peace. But right now if we pulled out there would be total mayhem. The peace we are trying to bring about would disappear. I believe that we are teaching the Iraqi's what they need to know but until they're able to take it over, we can't just bail on them.