Monday, July 31, 2006

Dear Toby Keith

If anyone knows Toby Keith please tell him this: Next time Toby Keith goes to Iraq, I wanna go too. I'm not entertaining or anything. I'd just love to go over shake all of my heroes hands and say "thanks so so much for being here and doing this." And yes I pretty much see anyone serving our country as a hero. Not matter how direct or indirect a part you play in keeping our country safe....You're my hero. Thanks.

I really liked Toby Keith even before 9-11. But after he wrote/sang the boot up your, um well you know the song, he really had me as a fan. Then he started going over and doing shows in the sandbox he became my hero too. American Soldier, wow my favorite ring tone.
Anyway, so if anyone knows Toby Keith please tell him this. :D

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