Sunday, June 22, 2008

He was 19~I will remember LCpl Travis Layfield

I am completely amazed at the families who have lost so very much in this fight against terrorism. Yet they still manage to continue on, not spitting on their loved ones service. But actually honoring their service. Diane Layfield was at the troop rally in berkeley. She told the story of the bracelet on her arm. It's a pretty touching story. Better grab a tissue before you go on. This will have you crying your eyes out for sure.

Full story is here:

snippets here:

“The Fremont, Calif. Marine was just 19 when he laid down his life in Iraq, one of 20,000 Camp Pendleton Marines fighting off murderous Islamic radicals around Fallujah and Ramadi on April 6, 2004,” Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward wrote on Jan. 4 in “Ten others died that day for freedom.”
Delivering some 226,000 Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday cards to military men and women so far away from home, no one from Move America Forward, including Melanie Morgan ever expected a chance encounter with a Marine known as Sgt. Chavez.

Call it a one in a million coincidence, call it a Christmas miracle.

…”Ma’am, my name is Sgt. Chavez, and I heard you say that you are from the San Francisco Bay Area. Do you know Diane Layfield?”

“Yes, Sergeant Chavez, I know her,” was Melanie’s stunned response.

“Please, ma’am, will you do me a favor? I recruited her son into the Marines, and I have carried his bracelet with me for two and a half years. Will you give it to his mom? It would mean so much to me.”

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