Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thanks to All for supporting the troops

I've already told my hubby that this is what I want for Christmas. I really want to support those who support the troops. Even if they are not our fellow Americans. Thank-you Beccy Cole. And thank you "diggers" for standing right there with our troops. I don't know how to put this on my blog but you can see "Poster Girl" here

I found this at
First, a little history. Beccy Cole is an Australian country music singer. Last Christmas she went to Iraq to entertain Aussie troops, “diggers” as they’re called - kinda like our “grunts”. When she returned to Australia, some fans contacted her to let her know they were taking her poster off their walls and wouldn’t buy any more of her albums - because of her support for “an unjust war”, as they called it.

Sound familiar? Yes, it’s the direct opposite of what happened to Natalie Maines. You could say Beccy is the “anti-Dixie-Chick”. Personally, I think Beccy is a downright pretty young lady with a beautiful voice. Take a look at her official web site and see if you agree.
This is something you should read about. Read the rest of it here


Aussie_Chic said...

Unjust war?? Onya Beccy, just for that I'm gonna buy your latest album!! I've seen Beccy Cole Live and she has also played with a mate of mine who toured with both tommy Emmanuel and the great Carlos Santanna. As for an Aussies who wont support her because of this - nobody likes a bleeding heart. Go hug a tree or sit in the park and sing John Lennon songs. Leave all things Military to those of us with some common sense.

Gail A. said...

I love love love it. She has a beautiful voice. You're so right. Please go hug a tree, give it a little kiss too. (maybe the darn moonbats will get splinters in their tongues and not be able to blather... :)